Slam S43 - Suede/diamond mesh

  • Let's take comfort to the next level. With the Slam, HUB Sneakers is tapping into the running trend. The name of the Slam is a nod to their tennis heritage. Think, for example, of the Grand Slams where HUB's founder played tennis.
  • The sole of the Slam is made of high-quality EVA (Ethel Vinyl Acetate). So this is not plastic or rubber, but a synthetic foam that gives a rubbery effect. EVA consists out of thousands of air bubbles. This makes the sneaker feather light, flexible and shock absorbent. Also, the bottom of this sole is slightly wider, making comfort and stability feel even more intense.
  • The design of the Slam is bold. A more distinct design than the average HUB sneaker. The sneaker stands alone and opens up a new world for HUB.
  • All sneakers from HUB Footwear have special insoles, so that every step feels comfortable. The insoles used to include gel pads. The reason for removing the gel padding from the insole is to make it more environmentally friendly and durable. And there's more! The insoles have a ventilation system to keep your feet fresh. And that feels great!
  • Color: White / Cucumber / Sage Green / Grey