Have you ever had the feeling that you were looking for the perfect dress to the wedding of your best friend, a garden party or the baptism of your godchild, AND it was a bumpy ride? You couldn’t find anything that fitted you: too expensive, too dressed up or not suitable for your style?

I had the same feeling so I felt the need to help women out with this hassle!

At Bold Baguette you will not only find dresses for a more dressed up occasion but also other garments and accessories you can wear to a casual chic event.

A Bold Baguette lady is a lady who loves wearing new things, loves being different and is confident about what she wears, but doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

What’s in a name: Bold [brave, self-confident, powerful, courageous, daring…] Baguette [a magic wand, a beautiful shiny gem].

So, be bold, be brave, step out of your comfort zone and transform yourself into a diamond that shines at every occasion.

Always remember: Fortune favours the bold!