GIVE A PON Dionysía

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  • The GIVE A PON slippers are handmade in a workshop in Greece.
  • The outside of Dionysia is made of undyed wool from a dark sheep. The patterns have a combination of pink, brown and green. The stitching with which the edge is finished is lilac. The colors pink and brown are reflected in the pompom.
  • As the slippers are handmade, each one is unique. The slippers may therefore differ slightly from the photos.
  • Lining: sheep's wool.
  • Exterior: undyed sheep's wool.
  • Decorative stitching: mix of wool and acrylic yarns.
  • Pompon: mix of wool and acrylic yarns.
  • Sole: leather.
  • Entirely European production.
  • SIZE ADVICE: The slippers fall according to your shoe size. At first they are a bit tighter, but soon they mold to your foot. Below you will find the inside dimensions of the slippers. This way you can easily measure your own feet so that you are sure that you order the right size!
    • Size 35/36: 24cm
    • Size 37/38: 25.5 cm
    • Size 39/40: 27cm
    • Size 41/42: 28 cm
  • Example: If you are in doubt because you sometimes have size 38 and sometimes size 39, we advise you to go for size 37/38. This one falls as a size 38 and size 39/40 falls as a size 40.